COVID-19 Medical Support Team (MST)
Call 877-502-9466 before returning to work

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

Fever Cough Shortness of Breath

Or if you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19

Or have recently traveled on a cruise ship or a commercial airliner

The MST will assess risk and follow contagious disease protocol. They will advise you what steps to take next such as self-quarantine, refer you to your personal physician or ER.

The MST will assist with your Return to Work when appropriate.

Time is of the essence – Report all concerns as soon as possible.

For general COVID-19 questions related to the workplace call (313) 429-2363 or email the Response Team at

Message to Management – July 13, 2020

New COVID-19 cases have recently risen from 20,000 per day to over 60,000 per day and experts predict could soon reach 100,000 per day. It is extremely crucial that we take our precautions seriously. We need to be washing our hands often, not touching our face, staying away from sick people and staying home when sick. Most importantly, we need to keep at least a 6-foot distance away from others.   Social distancing is something we can all do both on and off the job to protect ourselves, our family and our community.


When times arise where we cannot keep a 6-foot distance, it is now a Levy requirement we wear a face covering. This virus is spread from person to person by moisture which comes out of our mouth and nose.  Being Levy tough by masking up reduces the spread of the coronavirus.


Consider face coverings as personal protective equipment (PPE), not much different than safety glasses which protect our eyes and gloves which protect our hands. Only this PPE protects us (and others) from an unseen and seriously deadly virus.


Every one of us need to be leaders in the fight against the virus.  Social distancing is a critical action and wearing a face covering shows that we care about ourselves, our family, and our community.


Be a leader, “Levy Tough, Mask Up”.